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Decorative Concrete and Unique Concrete Construction Services

Upgrade the look of your concrete driveway, patio, walkway, pool, sidewalk, flooring and more with our decorative concrete construction. If you’re replacing your existing concrete structure or installing a new one, there is no better way to do so than with decorative concrete. At Shelton CT Concrete Contractor Crew, we provide all kinds of decorative concrete like stamped, stained and more. We also offer ICF construction and custom concrete work. Contact us for your unique concrete construction today.

Decorative Concrete Construction Services

We provide decorative concrete design options that will add a splash of life to your concrete. There are so many opportunities for exterior design, so you can bring your plan to life on your patio, walkway, driveway, pool, sidewalk, flooring and more. Make your property stand out from others with your concrete construction. Here are some unique concrete types and finishes for your property. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is the best way to make your structure stand out without breaking the bank. It allows your concrete to resemble other materials like wood, brick, tile, slate and flagstone, but you don’t have to pay for this. It’s the best option for your driveway, patio, pool or flooring.

Stained Concrete

Work with our concrete construction company for stained or colored concrete services. We make use of concrete dye to add different colors to your concrete structure, adding a splash to your home exterior or landscape.

Exposed Aggregate

We can imitate the look of rough or loose gravel with exposed aggregate concrete construction. This form of concrete is also slip resistant, making it ideal for businesses who are dealing with a lot of foot traffic.

Sanded Finishes

Our sanded concrete finishes will create a rough sanded effect on your concrete. This is less rugged than exposed aggregate but still looks like sand.

Broom Finishes

For a rustic look in your home, you can contact us for our concrete broom finishes. This is a light broom finish that offers a rustic design and will be slip resistant.

Float and Trowel Finishes

We also provide different arcs, swirls and circles on your concrete using our float and trowel finishes.

Insulated Block Foam Construction

Contact us for your insulated block foam construction services in Shelton, CT. We can build block ICF construction in your residential and commercial projects, although this is commonly used in homes. The ICF construction will provide insulation for the structure that you need. Our ICF construction is a precision-manufactured and double-insulated form of reinforced concrete walls.

Custom Concrete Work

If you’re in need of concrete construction that looks unique, or you have specific needs, you can contact us at Shelton CT Concrete Contractor Crew to get started. If you have a specific plan or design for your concrete structure, like a unique patio design or a storm shelter, contact us to get started.

Contact Us For Your Decorative Concrete

Work with Shelton CT Concrete Contractor Crew for your decorative concrete construction today. We provide stained and stamped concrete for your projects, making them stand out from others. With our services, you can install a new concrete look on your residential or commercial property.