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Concrete Repair, Restoration and Maintenance in Shelton, CT

Sometimes, you don’t have to replace your concrete structure – you can simply repair it, and it will look as good as new. Contact us at Shelton CT Concrete Contractor Crew for your concrete repair services. We can level uneven concrete, caulk it to prevent damage, seal and clean it to make it last longer and restore your concrete. Give us a call if you notice any damage to your concrete. Our team of concrete repair builders have got y

Concrete Leveling Repair

If your concrete is unsettled or uneven, you can lift the lowered concrete up and make it straight again with concrete leveling repair. This would restore the look of your concrete and get rid of trip hazards. Contact us for your concrete leveling repair today.

We would drill small holes around the settled slab, inject a leveling compound to pump it back up, patch the drill hole and spray and clean the concrete so it is ready for you to enjoy. Keep in mind that if the concrete slab, sidewalk, driveway, or any other structure is too heavily cracked or crumbled, you would require replacement instead.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Restore the original appearance of your concrete with our cleaning and sealing services. We can seal your concrete which will protect it from future damage, especially with hydrophobic sealing, which prevents any form of water damage. It is important to prolong the life of your concrete.

We also provide concrete cleaning services by using power washers and pressure washers to get rid of grime, dirt, mold growth and oil stains on the surface. It would make it look better, prolong its life and even prepare it for the sealant.

Foundation Repair

A crumbling foundation is a dangerous thing to have under your home or commercial building. If you notice that the walls in your home are cracking, the doors aren’t closing, or the chimney is bending, this might be due to a damaged foundation.

Contact the Shelton CT Concrete Contractor Crew for your foundation repair services. We don’t only install custom foundations but can also repair the foundation without causing any further damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Concrete Caulking

If you need concrete maintenance, you can contact us for caulking. Our experts will provide concrete caulking to prolong the life of your concrete and prevent any damage in the future. It would not only close the cracks that are already in your concrete but stop new ones from forming.

Contact Us For Concrete Repair

Work with Shelton CT Concrete Contractor Crew for your concrete repair and maintenance services today. We provide concrete repairs like leveling and foundation repair, and we can also clean, seal and caulk your concrete for further repair. Contact us for your concrete restoration, and we will take care of it in a jiffy.